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film écrit et réalisé par Brieuc Le Meur (auddie)


Texte, voix, images, montage et mixage : Brieuc Le Meur  : f4 studio , Berlin 2014













Kirvilho from Editions f4 on Vimeo.




















Anim for the last auddie's release / album / vinyl : Moin' Division Tune : "We are from the future", feat suspect (Tim O'Loghlin')


We are from the future (auddie feat. suspect) from auddie live on Vimeo.























Video study based on a picture

taken at the Ueno market, Tokyo, in may 2007,

based on different reflections of multiples sides mirror....

The sound track was produced in Berlin in 2009 by auddie (Brieuc Le Meur)

(voices : auddie, Dasha Rush, Tim O'Loghlin').

Original title : "END OF THE NIGHT"

Available here in digital download :


Blackish Blossoms (auddie, f4 recordings) from auddie live on Vimeo.



























A short movie, in subjective camera, interior dream,

for the auddie's release "bergamotte" ( june 2010),

in vinyl & digital, on the label "fullpanda". vinyl available here 



GOLDMUND from auddie live on Vimeo.



















Presented at AV Format, 2012-09-11
contour @ ://aboutblank, 2012-24-11
ORi, 2012-wednesdays-11

video : Luise Steuckart
music: Brieuc Le Meur aka auddie


double mask from Luise Steuckart on Vimeo.





















Shown at contour, ://aboutblank and ORi

Concept, Idea, Text, Video: Luise Steuckart
Sound, Voice: Brieuc Le Meur aka auddie  (f4)
Co-Writing: Mirko Maschewsky

grass from Luise Steuckart on Vimeo.











 Concert : "Untitled Things" Performed @ Theater Kapelle, Berlin


For the Dasha Rush's album release.


Dasha Rush & auddie, live