Abstraction.  Between the lines.

(Poems from the other side of the sphere)

  1. f4 dit :

    Poems from the hidden side of the sphere.

  2. Michel Vecteur dit :

    a bound, a round, in the underground
    the show fakes the snow flakes
    vj set, leasure time
    could have been some part time grime

    I felt on a nightmare tekno
    heavy brake, should I stop ?
    then I danced week after on new jungle hardcore drum cigarette
    slicy breaks, heavy rhum

    my armour is just energy around
    I danced as my girl friend did
    hands-on shake, skinny legs
    jumped on her white tail of LEDs


  3. Sylvie Greyhorn Jr dit :

    I don’t like your taste
    I don’t taste your likes
    I don’t test you-like you don’t like in haste

  4. auddie dit :

    I’m missing my naïvity
    if robots can’t kill
    I can’t live your generosity
    I know it seems to have nothing to do
    but I’m a robot
    and, thanks humans, I can’t kill
    I can’t live without your generosity

  5. auddie dit :

    I’ll send a glimpse to the Ai, a part of me in a square
    other language, other meaning
    everything here is just the shadow of myself

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