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  1. Lexine dit :

    All things considered, this is a first class post

  2. lungren fatty dit :

    Art today is a disaster. Beyond happenings with unactive forms in the vernissages (conceptual art is show time, pop politic and weird humor), we have space to re-invent something new, wich has nothing to do with art itself. But that : that is a fucking secret.

  3. blm / new media / new age dit :

    New age media tells us the same since 30 years :

    ” visualise your success”, “accept your success”, “separate your fear from your emotion”, “explore your emotion and go deep into it, even it hurts “, “the reality is an hologram”… “be positive , and the rest will follow”

    I propose an other way to survive: Finding new jobs, moving in other countries, meeting new people, trying, trying, trying.

    Because, this new age stuff about success, emotion, fears, propagates secretely the “obligation of happyness” that rises up since decades in the US. It’s pure bullshit, because it avoids the real built-in architecture of the human brain, based on language. Separating the emotion from your fear, is a language mistake, not a solution.
    The words, here, accentuate your fear (or your love, or anything else). Acceptance, lalala new age media, exhibitionism, sado masochism, meditation (that doesn’t erase fascism or ultra capitalism, rejection of the differencies), culpability (if no money success), all these concepts are there to separate your freedom from your acts, from your moves. It’s pueril, and it’s dangerous.
    It’s tipically stuff related by people who are disturbed, who believe in magic, or by people who do’nt want to see how the reality is. People who live in L.A., for instance, who accepts the deshumanisation of the society, and who thinks that they are (inside) probaly wrong, but they’re not! They are just realistic and they don’t accept it. They prefer to adapt to the shit, rather than fighting against it.

  4. blm / new media / new age dit :

    meeting musician and programers artists on facebook :

    After 5 min of chat, suddenly, the nice “digital artist from the internet” reveals himself as a man obssesed by his online self-image, a man that doen’t stand any argumentation. He’s sure about his open-minded theory, the alternative art, the system. He’s especially convinced about how artists should be and act.

    Well that “open-minded-tech-scene-guy” was an other right wing psychopath disguised in cool dude retro futurist imagery, who doesn’t fear to send you the bill in the minute, or a fb block, if case you’re a little bit too fast to discover the fakeness.

  5. vatican cops.. dit :

    Subject : Recently (july 17) Cardinals and Vatican High society Priest get busted, doing drug and gay orgy ; in the holy place !
    I don’t see any problems with gay and drug orgies. This joyfull expériences are naturals. The problem is, of course, that they forbid them since 2017 years. They kill. They burn. the separe // and since a very long time.
    They use texts, dogmas and moral for their busnesses and dictatorials cultural hardcore hidden shit politics. Because religion is just politic… It has always been like this. Other religions too. And you can observe how ISIS ist just organising their little capitalists standarts based on sex and slavery.
    It’s not only catholics. It’s jewishs and muslims and buddhists. All corrupts. All liars.
    So, … why should we be shocked ? Which opinion should we have ? Do we say : oh, it’s horrible, orgies in the vatican?
    A complicated duality (tropism) without clear ennemies, clear justice, clear moral, tends to emerge. As it emerges for many other subjects. And the crowd still take part of the game. choose your enemy… Choose your side.
    Wich side? :-)

  6. auddie dit :

    About the recent Las Vegas Massacre.

    It’s about the ugly “normality” of nowadays. And they search for an anomaly in the killer, somthing hidden .But. Nothing is no longer hidden in this clountry ! In this abnormal society full or weakness, lies and disparities. A real fucked up world.

    End of the european holly-days in america

  7. auddie dit :

    I work at night at Kraftwek Berlin, where 3 months ago Atonal festival is yearly transforming dance music into an arythmic alternative. I built stages, massive decoration. It’s just to make money and I already wrote so much about this night/day effect, work/party, surface/underground, present/past, that emerge from the same distorded places, with obvious double use, double identities (or more).

    . (field rec and voices cut ups from the proletarian Berlin halls)

  8. blm ^ a photo analysis dit :

    We look at a photography :

    in the forefront, an enlighted young naked tree. In the backgroungd : some modern empty architect appartements from the east-side Berlin. It’s calm. This is the night.
    The whole art work inspires tension, fear, but also, ulta sharpness. It looks like a failed photo. Under the building, some warm colours in transparency are suggesting an other world, the world of the cars, out of the range of perception. A hope, maybe.

    It’s like, the artist is trying to hide something
    or, does he reveal that OuR core is hidden behind tons of fakery ?
    A certain ratio of violence is there, no doubt about it. But wich one? Even comfort zones are hiding a violence. European sweet life styles can hide colonialism, wars, or the organised theft of resources in Africa.
    The front subject, a banal fence surrounded by wild plants, a monodirectional gonzo light, and the sad and cold background, are dialoguing. This dialog reflects the violence.
    No crazyness here. It’s not even trying to “blow the whistle”. ( ” M ” , Fritz Lang).
    It is an enlighted young naked tree
    stroked, by a red flashing spektrum on the left side
    visited by some kind of artefact, a small detail,
    something …

    A slight self is hiding sub pulsions
    what you see is what you get
    between the lines : a thriller driller ( me and my camera )

  9. auddie dit :

    Most of the short movies I see on the internet have a perfect image, great colors and quality, thausends euros high end equipment, but they tend to all look the same. The qork flow is organised like a fashion set up, with perfect model, perfect make up, perfect pictures, design, correction, but it’s still “like” the real thing. “Like” Paris. “Like” the fifties. “Like” we live in the forrest. 120 years of cinema are suddenly erased. and it is the same with music.

    Dramaturgy and personal uncontrolled things are now aspects reserved to ghosts from the ancient world.

    But I’m sorry to say that you live in a rubbish bag.

  10. prostate cratère dit :

    Jodorowski, the argentinian philosopher, the writer, the researcher, the tarrot user, the script writer, director and poet, calls the artists who copy the energy of others : ” psychic vampires”. For him, they are only there to suck other creator’s blood.

    I blocked couple of them, even close friends, who where slightely “inventing” new directions, ideas, forms and theories, without even noticing that it didn’t came from them…

    Marcel Proust dedicated famous lines about Bloch, one of his character (an other psychic vampire), who was saying months later exactly the same lines than St Loup, the writer’s double in the crime scene.

  11. The prison box dit :

    I tried to watch a serie…. and barely could ! Even the new Twin Peaks.

    There are some good works, but I can’t get the format. It turns me sick. I feel that this addictive habits is based on discouragment : watching the more we can, like in some restaurants, eating the more you can. As it is with facebook, you are disconnected … instead ob BEEING connected.
    Added to this bad habit of staying home all the time… This no rich experience for me.

    After one episode, I get the form, the characters, the subject, and then… the whole thing. I mean, Personnally, I can’t go further. I feel “they” turn me dumb with nice things “ObEY/ BUY” you know, and then comes the same episode after the same episode. It’s weak. It’s so artistically weak.

    Did you noticed that in theses series, nobody is staying in front of their television?
    In these series, the characters are living something.
    Just think about it.

    But more than this, the worst is that nobody goes to theater anymore. Everything is dying : the places, the cities, the communities, the art, the dramaturgy, the past.

    Big companies just exploit a money stream without thinking of the consequences : the usual destruction of our true our emotional abilities, out of the home-box, wich becomes more and more, a : p r i s o n box

  12. The jobs habit dit :

    When you alternate intense moment of creation and moments of normal jobs, you realize how your points of views as an artist are wrong.
    You realise how’s life in a regular non-artistic job. You suddenly understand what people have in my mind, what they think about your litte caprices and aestetics, pseudo avant-garde, pseudo courrage : they just don’t care. It doesn’t exist for them. You are talking alone.

    Each time I struggle to pass theses weeks of “normal” work that allowed me to keep continue my researchs, I update my researchs.
    I update my artist blindness. I look at the non trendy people.

    And the puerility of some so-called art scenes and their attitudes, are trully unbearable.

  13. mirrored event dit :

    Do you want to know what is a mirrored event ?

    For each slide on Tinder, a migrant is sold in Lybia.

  14. Ricardo Rene Dominguez dit :

    This E-age calls on us to create magikal transformations with our artivism and avant-gardening that can capture all the demons that jump from toxic things to the Internet of things, from oil to Hush Puppies, from radiant dust to art bunkers-to route around the bubbling sludge around us and within us.

    Yet, no matter what we do the demons, that old Pazuzu, keep riding downwind. So we mark and draw out our exorcism of our lands, bodies and skies. We make circles and filters that attempt to contain our contagious condition-but something always keeps breaking out.

    So now we attempt to become more contagious,more viral, more weedy, more infecting-using our magik to become wilder beings-to be one in states of effuvian extimacy.

  15. artists-like dit :

    I never saw any good creator without a certain ratio of crazyness, violence, paradox, or is it about beeing trully deranged ? Can creation enhance this unbalance? I also never saw any good artists, I mean, really original and powerfull artists, coming from art schools. Studying art or technique is like studying normality (and competition). You are a nice interpreter, you are well balanced in a well balanced world, you are trained, you are integrated ; but … It’s empty.
    Conclusion: don’t go to school. Put something else than form in it. Put what you don’t know on the table. Put what you don’t control at all.

  16. blm ( #metoo ) dit :

    # Metoo.

    In France, women are fighting against each other about the ideas of sexual harassement vs equality vs rape vs pleasure vs puritanism vs freedom of speach vs law vs biology.

    Two sides are just created, to reach, in principle, the third track : a real equality of rights and behaviour with the men.

    The fact that, in front of every social progress, people try to reveals their power and take advantage of it is… quiet normal. Nature doesn’t like void. And nature, created the sex, for some reasons. Today, inside only one gender, One side is purely binary and constrain the speach, with law and resistance to violence in mind. The other side is purely provocative and loves to play with words, and refers itself to biology and science…

    The problem is that the dudes don’t speak about it between each others, and for me, this is the key. Nothing will change if there is no male consciousness, in every cultural or social levels, about where the limits are. Because, the limits will be the ones included in that male conversation, and step by step, even in the families, the world will change.

  17. blm - women producers dit :

    _ Women producers subject in the rave scenes _

    I don’t want to sound rude (due to the respect I have for all my women collaborators and artists), but I can’t stand these quotes about an intentional “discrimination” women producers are facing in the techno scene.

    For me, if there are less women playing in the rave scene, it’s because a lot of young men do like hard radical musics (they “feel” something then). I don’t say it’s good or bad. It’s a fact, not my opinion. It is statistical. And I’m not talking about Berlin. Country side scenes in Europe are like that, and it won’t change in a finger snap.

    Let’s re-balance my speach : Young male ravers don’t get the soft and intellectual music. These rules are the same mystakes and clichés than “blue for boys” and “pink for girls”. But it’s active clichés.

    And because women today, due to the same societal realities, do love to compose more cerebral tunes than animals ones, they play less (and it happens in this particular artistic field only), not because they are “discriminated”.
    Me, when I stopped to do hard breaks or hard techno in the end of the 90′, to start to produce more intellectual music, I started to play less. It’s like that.

    In the other hand, if a woman producer starts to play radical straight music or break beats, she will play a lot… in some… young men raves and clubs. What a victory.

    Untill we reach clearer times, when young boys won’t have to challenge themselves with hard beats to fullfill their anger, the social competition or testosterone level or whatever today’s virility has to be triggered, there will be more hard music for hard dudes (and chicks). It doesn’t have to do with “discrimination” in the booking area, like : “oh no, not a woman”.

  18. La Baron Calvina dit :

    so far as we romanticize gunplay as a courageous action it remains an attractive option for alienated youth to express violent impulses. when the user-friendly world of shoot-em-up video games & facebook flamewars gives way to the cruelties of real-time human interactions, the digital identity either collapses gracefully or attempts to handle the situation in the way it knows best: shooting guns.

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