Music & cities (english)

  1. auddie dit :

    little mafias of the antarctic acts
    like ice cubes with people on it
    gentle suits (black) hide psychic vampires

    black -no form- designs of eastern rednecks (both sides of the pacific)
    beats of praying mantis
    large holes absorb everything but faschination
    and great post Club irrelevancies

    last breaths drops freezed and set in a roll in the beast’s necklace
    ball suckers with modulars
    avioning nasiz

    hairdressers on dope
    blood suckerz on spotify
    french diseases between 2 rbnb and a complicatedjet

    my eyes,

    are absorbed

    on the fence in berghain

  2. auddie dit :

    Berlin “classics”:

    I love art but my bedroom looks like ikea 97

    I never bought a record or a book or a photograph in my entire life

    i go in contemporary exhibitions to see mathematic lines and cold drawings. maybe it’s smart

    I organise events that look good on facebook

    I love modular but It sound like casio (and nothing happens during hours)

    I’m a fashion designer. I work at zalando.

    life can be beautifull everywhere if you are positive! hihihih

    my musician friend is dying.

    I mean, can you get a propper job ?

    I’m dressed in black for the beast even It’s sunny
    I don’t read

    I like industries without poeple in it

    I went to mexico in 2004

    my smartphone tells me what to do

    I love summeeeeer -hihihih !

    my voice is a piercing

    I do it for my public but I never took care of my son

    my health is weak

    I invited xxx to repost yyy and then I invite you to do so

    I’m famous in my closet,

    head blue


    “ich bin kein berliner”

  3. Estelle dit :

    An evening in Berlin Mitte :

    I just heard the beautifull work of Inger Wold Lund, a norvegian artist temporary based in Berlin.

    You pick an headphone, and you start the visit with her in your hears. This is a voice recording that goes along a short journey in an old building. The rooms, the ghosts, the fantaisies are “audio characters”. Her voice resonates in you head. It makes the world sweeter for a while…


    later on …

    I was walking for the “Galery day”, and I saw one single really good picture. 10 other galeries were full of absurd contemporary works, with horrible superficial people, who were almost as pissed off and blased as I was. Despite my angryness, I went to a discrete “atelier open door”, and I saw some great paintings from 2 german guys : Lindenberg and … ? It was familial, and very true.

    Then, I went to drink two beers in a bar that looked like an old french cabaret, with “Bobby Lapointe” in the speaker (no joke), with writers-like groups of smarts dudes with green suits, hungry chicks in the corner, alcoolic locals screwd on their sits, arrogant american people dressed like shit with pull-over and long hairs, and 2 drunken Italian movie producers, who looked like coming from “Alphaville” of JLG.

    … and sudenly. I realized that I should move away.

    I mean…
    r e a l l y …. : m o v e
    m o v e
    m o v e
    m o v e

    a w a y

  4. zinnie la wiped dit :

    hush hush I burn

    and I know why

  5. Genesis P-Orridge. dit :

    Genesis P-Orridge.

    An old club story with PTV

    ” This was in the CRYPT, in the crypt below ground of a deconcecrsted church in London. TG (Throbbing Grizzle) were supported by Metabolist and…? We drank too much of a bottle of whisky and swallowed a large number of valium in anger at the sense of isolation and double standards we were experiencing at the time from the rest of TG. Apart from this stupid act on my part this gig was also memorable for members of the Clash being turned away by TG precursors of Psychick Youth. The Clashers had demanded entry but had no tickets. TG didn’t do guest lists much. This night there was none. Fraught Clashers were heard saying, “Don’t you know who we are?”, to our unimpressed ad hoc security to no avail and never got in.

    So there was another incident with the Clash and entourage. Skin Two the pioneering fetish/S&M/Sex club where we met and hung out with Bee, and Martin Gore of Depeche Mode and Dave Ball of Soft Cell had a boat party on the Thames, like the Sex Pistols. One great advantage was, for Skin Two where serious BDSM would occur, lack of censorship. IF the authorities decided to try and raid the fun, there was always a lot of time to hide and clean up any more extreme pleasures. We decided to have one of our annual BRIAN JONES DIED FOR YOUR SINS MEMORIAL PARTIES on a boat. Hoping any psychedelic extravaganzas could be pretty much unmolested. The invites always said clearly stated:- ANYONE WEARING ALL BLACK WILL BE REFUSED ENTRY ! ( People wanting to wear rubber and leather were able to change on the boat.) So we also added the legend:- “ALTERED STATES WELCOME” and they were. The invites also said cast off from the mooring was to be at 8pm precisely. No allowance would be made for stragglers.

    It was almost exactly ( a minute to go maybe) 8pm and we told the boat’s crew to cast off…suddenly we heard loud yelling and whistles as a little group of very punk/goth youngsters tottered to the gang plank. Our security asked why they were ALL wearing ALL black? There were two of the Clash and a couple of other “punk” luminaries with friends and possibly lovers. Sorry, you cannot come on wearing only black. Said security, “You must be kidding.” went up the cry. “No your invites clearly say NO BLACK ONLY clothed will be admitted. At which the gang plank was closed. And we set sail to the authentic punk yelling of ( yes again!) but WE’RE THE CLASH !!!! etc. To no avail.

    What made people make an effort to be dressed including colour, or hyper-hyperdelic was the knowledge that this dress rule WOULD be adhered to. As a last aside…Boy George was arrested on heroin charges when his taxi to a GODSTAR party was stopped by police. He was wearing a Psychic TV t-shirt too. Unfortunately WE dont have a photo of that! But if anyone DOES, we’d love to see and share it. As long as it doesn’t upset or annoy George… “

  6. blm - detroit techno dit :

    I find detroit techno profundly disturbing. There is something in the music structure that puts you down. Some kind of hidden deranged feeling, and a great melancholia. Something that gives you body joy, but your heart remains strangled.
    Probably because It’s a music made by people 2 times dammaged by north american post european culture : industrialization, profits, fall, unemployment… and racism.
    That black music is 2 time black and one time light blue like antartic hell : they had to deal with social mess.
    Of course the music reflects and gives back the bad energy. That particular very efficient loops, full of cymbals and hi-hats, hyper robotic and deshumanized, depressed, resilient, cold as fuck… This is more political than anything else.
    The fact that it worked out so well in Europe tells us something specific (we should worry about).

    Something positive remains, deep inside, but it’s just the producers skills, and their music background.
    take your medicine and shut up
    Music mix / example :

  7. blm - neo feminsm in music dit :

    about neo-feminism in music :

    At the moment, in the music scenes (which I know quiet well since decades), women are organizing parties by eliminating men from the line up (to fight against patriarchy…). You have to be either a woman, gay or queer.
    So by militating against an alleged male control over electronic music (absolutely false and irrelevant), they are acting by simply inventing a real control over a gender, a part of the population, which did not exist before… but also, against the music itself, since the criterion is no longer to make good or bad music, but to correspond to the graphic and folkloric title of the moment, which is a double twist.

    At this point, giving scientific arguments only makes the debate heavier und inconsistent. It is ok to promote good music for all, and above all, to continue and to show a major continuous parity effort, so, that people choose what they want to compose and play, listen and dance to (since it is a question of choice) and society evolves.

    What I want to explain, is that, whatever happens, we are in a movement, and part of an evolution. This evolution is slow or rapid in the various niches or scenes or jobs layers, but it transgresses both positions, both science and neofeminism, which constantly confront each other but do not build.


  8. estelle dit :

    people who only like what they like

  9. blm - microdosing dit :

    Because obviously the experience is distorted. The study does not say whether these people come from privileged backgrounds (certainly, to participate in this kind of study), whether they work, what they used to take before, or how they approach their relationship to parties. Just participating in this test must be fun, and increase a kind of social benefit, a rewarding reason, which distorts a sense of satisfaction.

    All the people I’ve seen who did this aren’t looking that stable, and they’re just getting depressed, no matter what the product.

    Zombies heads, regular structural fears, paranoia, stress, desocialization, confinement. Whether it is with K, alcohol, weed, acid. regular consumption unbalances the production of dopamine, serotonine, hormones, etc. the brain doesn’t understand anything about what’s happening to it. It says no.


    Car évidemment l’expérience est faussée. L’étude ne dit pas si ces personnes sont issus de milieux favorisés (certainement, pour participer à ce genre d’étude), si ils travaillent, ce qu’ils prenaient avant, ni comment ils abordent leur rapport à la fête. Le simple fait de participer à ce test doit faire marrer, et augmenter une sorte d’avantage social, une raison gratifiante, qui augmente de façon faussée un sentiment de satisfaction.

    Tous les gens que j’ai vu qui ont fait ça perdent les pédales, et justement, entrent en dépression. quel que soit le produit.

    Des têtes de cadavres, des peurs structurelles, régulières, des paranos, des stress. désocialisation, enfermement. Que ce soit avec la K, l’alcool, la weed, l’acide. une consommation régulière déséquilibre les productions de dopamine, de sérotonine, hormonales, etc. le cerveau ne comprend rien à ce qui lui arrive. il dit non.

  10. berlin dit :

    all naked

    all nasty

    all covered

  11. estelle - berghain dit :

    Berghain was great this morning. That feeling when you start the week on hypermodern psychedelic beats & sound matters, straight forward to… somewhere… It’s monday 4am and the club is full. And it litterally screams life.

    It’s not about feeling privileged or something… it’s about the fact that a certain ratio of pure freedom is safe there – beyond other defaults of course, but whatever-. If the dark times would come back, this is precisely what would be forbidden first, with all ravers and musicians sent to prison.. or much worse. That freedom, as social example, as a cursor, is strong.
    But… that a state of mind, that liberty, are almost stolen, hidden, power take-off, at a certain point.

    Anyway, this is the only place where I feel what the old first raves gave to me : beeing in and out ; at the core and far away from everything.

  12. Cuzak - kueersters dit :

    more superficial than a start up’s page
    weakers in speach than the hippies
    more segregationnists than the segregationnists
    hiper than hipsters
    more labelised than the worst of the society
    shutted down like machos
    more inequal, more superficial
    more technique than liberalism
    more robots in your heart
    more cold psychedelism.

    me ?
    I don’t want identity
    I don’t want my body
    I don’t want my soul

    I’d just be music
    and vanish

  13. blm - speedcore dit :

    People usially makes fun of arts they don’t understand. But the speedcore genres and parties (especially in berlin) are the most inventive forms of post techno… without the pretentious high society effect or technical way to organise events. It’s popular and radical, amphet’s or meth oriented, but since couple of years, it becomes more intellectual (surely because more artists and publics enrich the scene, deffo not amazed by the techno scene anymore). It last since 30 years.

    They are so inventive, from ambient, to bruitism, to noise, to drone, to concrete music, to broken beat, to rythm & noise, to extratone, to flash core, and so on. So many variations, so many techniques. People listen. They don’t dance in the classic way. To explain, that music is NOT about beats and rolls. This is about silences and sound matters, details, this is about the released and calm parts in the middle of the action, like a breathing, like a conversation. But to get that, people need a minimum of self subversion, mind independancy and curiosity. This is not about beeing “fast”, this is the opposite : when it stops, when it reaches some sort of waves of abstract tension.

    I even wrote a chapter in my novel “deux mondes” about one of these parties in berlin in .. 2014. I even remember speedcore artists, thrown off the stage in illegal raves because it was ” too crazy” (It was in the 90) When you know where it went, this “undergound”, it should have been only a compliment or an hommage.

  14. agrh dit :

    those who live inside the womb, in the music matter and drug delights, won’t get any truth but a slight fashion. you burn your life and wake up 20 years later

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