Words and critics about modern photography, artists, trends, techniques.

  1. auddie dit :

    Words and critics about modern photography, artists, trends and techniques.
    English version.

  2. blm - cheap photography dit :

    I can’t stand the polaroid vice magazine instagram flash cheap photography anymore.
    Like, we are all idiots, we live at 7 on a couch in a parking, we don’t wash ourselves and we are so drunk we can’t even frame the pic

    Please don’t give me that reason “we don’t want perfect photography” , « it represent an ancient world, with inaccessible levels » « It’s no us » because there are 100 different perfect photos, and 100 perfect cheap photos. what I see is the violence, the idiocracy, the lies. the lies. the lies.

    If you would know who are the people who are doing such pics, their lack of integrity, their constant lies about the purpose of their work, the lack of respect for their subjects (maybe you like that) what they have in mind, why there is a fascination for such decadent anti-photography… you would look the other way. because :

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